Выступление Ректора ДонНТУ А.Я.Аноприенко на форуме "Инновационные перспективы Донбасса"

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Выступление Ректора ДонНТУ А.Я.Аноприенко на форуме "Инновационные перспективы Донбасса": http://iic.donntu.ru/tmp/anoprienko_forum_2015.mp4

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10-11 мая 2015 г. проведен Открытый Чемпионат города Донецка по скалолазанию (боулдеринг), посвященный 70-летию Победы в Великой Отечественной Войны и Дню Донецкой Народной Республики.  Боулдеринг - вид скалолазания, серия сложных и коротких трасс.
Участвовали 6 команд. 3 команды г. Донецка, 2 команды - г. Макеевка и г. Харцызск. В командном зачете 1 место - команда Донецкого Технического Университета.

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1st Call for Papers - 26th DAAAM International Symposium 2015 and Scientific Book 1st Call for participation in 4th International Doctoral School 2015 Deadline for 1st call: 2015-06-01

Dear Colleague,
It is my pleasure to inform you that the preparations for 26th DAAAM International Symposium are running excellent. The 26th DAAAM Symposium will be held in Zadar, Croatia, EU, during the period 21st-24th October 2015. Symposium will be hosted at the University of Zadar in Croatia, EU. For a closer look you can go to the Gallery here.
First step: If you want to take a part in any of DAAAM activities during 2015, you must apply for DAAAM Membership 2015 here.
Second step: All authors have to submit an abstract for compability check here.

The call for papers are announced for:
1) The 26th DAAAM International Symposium
The 26th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation. For more infomation click here.
2) 14th DAAAM International Scientific Book 2015
DAAAM International Scientific Book is a very successful project. If you want to present your research project and newest results as a chapter of DAAAM International Scientific Book 2015 - you are welcome. Find more information about DAAAM Scientific Book here.

Call for the participation in 4th DAAAM International Doctoral School
4th DAAAM International Doctoral School will be organized during DAAAM week 2015-10-18/25. Main organizers are DAAAM International, International Academy of Engineering, Festo and Network of partner universities and institutions. The main target of the School is to support development of doctoral students to doctors of technical sciences. Advanced topics will cover wide range from: How to be a doctor of technical sciences, creative problem solving, over case studies till personal consultations and discussions with leading international scientists and researchers. During last two years we had 25-30 doctoral students and about 30 teachers from about 15 countries. The number of students and doctor fathers / teachers is limited. Successful participants will get a diploma from including 4 ECTS points.
Festo Scholarship and Festo Prize: Young researchers and scientists are welcome to take place in the competitions for Festo Scholarship for doctoral students at 4th Doctoral School. Since many years company Festo gives prizes as significant financial supports for best young authors for attending symposium and presenting of their research results.
All relevant information about the Doctoral School is available here.

With best regards
B Katalinic
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May 16, 2015
ICCE-23 July 12-18, 2015  Chengdu, China,    25th Anniversary year of Composites B
Final Call for papers in Graphene, Smart, Bio-Nano, Hybrid, Carbon materials, Energy-Nano, Metals, Concrete, and many others materials,
welcome all fields in Engineering Mechanics papers, Marine Structures, Aerospace & Civil Engineering Structures
DEADLINE for two-page short paper is June 15, 2015, if you need more time, inform me.

Dear  ovs@donntu.ru 
In view of your high reputation in research and development, or educational activities, you are most welcomed to present a paper at ICCE-23 July 12-18, 2015 in Chengdu, China as oral paper in the proceedings.    Interested author should submit paper title immediately and then submit detailed two-page short paper, each page two-columns with graphs to show results. Two pager should be submitted as soon as possible, but within next 30 days, if you need more time, please inform me.

We are proud that ICCE-23 is in its 23rd annual conference, and is supported by Composites B journal, Elsevier. This journal is celebrating its 25th year of publication, and serve as the backbone support of this ICCE conference.  Selected papers at ICCE-23 will be reviewed for possible publications in this journal or 12 other SCI journals. This conference will be held at Southwest Jiaotong University Jiuli campus, there are many affordable or cheap hotels nearby for budgeted participants.

Please feel free to inform interested friends to present papers at this ICCE-23 July 12-18, 2015 in Chengdu, China. We welcome professors, but especially younger faculty members who may need visibilities. Please encourage them to develop sessions.  Naturally, we welcome student presentations and will have students or work in progress sessions.

David Hui
David Hui dhui@uno.edu
Chair ICCE-23 July 12-18, 2015 in Chengdu, China             www.icce-nano.org
Founder & Editor-in-chief, Composites B journal (Elsevier 5-year impact factor 2.91)
Hui published over 192 SCI journals publications, has over 500 citations per year, from ISI web of science.
edited over 45 books
D. Hui as Doctor Honoris Causa (Italy, Vietnam, Ukraine), D. Hui as Academician (Georgia, Serbia, Armenia)


Akira Suzuki,   Nobel Lecture              Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, year 2010   chemistry of polymer catalyst
Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes:  an Easy Way  for Carbon-Carbon Bonding
Tsu-Wei Chou, ICCE Lecture               Editor-in-chief Comp. Sci Tech journal, over 10,000 citations
Nanocarbons Based Composites and Energy Storage Devices

ICCE-23 Keynote lectures
Linxia Gu                               (U. Nebraska-Lincoln)            US NSF CAREER award,  Bio Nano
Jinliang He           (Tsinghua U., Beijing)                     Chief Scientist, 973 project, new nanocomposite insulation materials
Yinong Liu            (U. Western Australia, Perth)   author of paper in Science
Na Lu                     (U.North Carolina Charlotte)  US NSF CAREER award, energy materials
Ram Mohan            (N. Carolina A&T State U.)    Computational expert, NSF Center, US Army funded project
Joseph Nogues        (UAB, Spain)                         Physics of materials, over 10,000 citations
Katsuhisa Tanaka     (Kyoto U., Japan)             author of papers in Nature Communications, solid-state chemistry
Gary Tsui                (Hong Kong Poly U.)```````     world expert on Bio Nano
Shiren Wang           (Texas A&M U.)                     US NSF CAREER award, nano energy
Zhishen Wu            (Southeasten U., Nanjing)      PI 973 project, FRP , Cheung Jiang Scholar
Masahiro Yoshimura (Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan)  Materials scientist, over 10,000 citations
Liqun Zhang           (Beijing U.Chem.Tech.)          Cheung Jiang Scholar, polymer composites
Min-Hao Zhu          (SWJTU, Chengdu)                Cheung Jiang Scholar, wear of composites

2. Paper publication
After the conference, the authors have the option to expand the two-pager to become full-length papers and these papers will be reviewed for possible publication in any one of the 13 SCI-rated journals which David Hui is currently serving as editorial board members:
Composites B journal    (2.602 Elsevier)  current five-year impact factor is 2.91
Current Nanoscience
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
International Journal of Nanotechnology
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
Journal of Mining and Metallurgy section B-Metallurgy
Journal of Nanomaterials
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science
Science and Engineering of Composite Materials  publisher de Gruyter
Textile Research Journal
Transactions of FAMENA
Other SCI journals under discussion

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